Song of the Month : Bangiza Style Variations ・ December 2015

This month we offer three new variations for bangiza / bangidza. Inspired by the beautiful songs of Fungai Gahadzikwa and Luken Pasipamire. Hopefully they'll keep you busy while I'm away during January / February. I hope to get the next songs up late February or early March. Can I also take the time now to wish everyone all my best for the new year!

In my YouTube video, you'll see variations 2 and 3 (tab below) briefly linked together with some other slight variations on the left hand. The right hand pattern remains constant throughout. I don't play variation 1 (audio available below). That example is different in both hands and demonstrates a 'perfect cascade' (discussed in detail in Unlocking Mbira).

Check out the three short audio tracks now to help you decide which songs you'd like to learn, and then download the free Bangiza tab/notation pack to help you along the way. Enjoy!

I was hoping to include videos of other people playing variations similar to the ones that had inspired me, but couldn't find any. I'm guessing this style of Bangiza is less popular or not so well known? If anyone out there can shed any light on this, or can find any videos to share, please get in touch

For now, here's two of my favourite Bangiza clips to give you some inspiration... 


If you find the tab/notation system unfamiliar or confusing, there's a free Mbira Tab Pack in the exclusive Subscriber Section that should help you. Sign up to the Mbira Magic Newsletter to get your password


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As always, all my best - Andy