Unlocking Mbira : Summary・Samples・Reviews

Unlocking Mbira by Mbira Magic

The must-have book for all mbira players, Unlocking Mbira is now available to buy. Here we present a summary, sample pages and reviews. 

Unlocking Mbira is unlike any other mbira book available. Over 60 graded exercises (each with accompanying audio) guide the reader towards a practical and advanced understanding of traditional Shona mbira music. A variety of new ideas are also presented, unlocking the creative potential of this absorbing instrument.

Readers will learn the secrets of improvisation, polyrhythm and chord progressions (traditional and Western). Everything is introduced step-by-step in this beautifully designed and accessible volume.

Text from this image 'Customer Reviews for Unlocking Mbira' is repeated below for easy reading. 

New songs are frequently uploaded on this website. We also have songbooks available, and more are on the way (traditional and contemporary), all using Mbira Magic's unique 'chord tab' system. This accessible style of notation makes it easy for you to create your own new song variations (using the ideas presented in Unlocking Mbira).


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