Song of the Month : Chaminuka 1 ・ October 2015

Hey folks. This month we look at a variation of Chaminuka for Mbira Dza VaDzimu - with accompanying Tab (PDF), Audio and Video. The audio track includes a few slight variations - particularly in the right hand. Click on the image to open the notation in your browser, and then select 'File/Save As'. Enjoy!

For support and inspiration, we've included four videos of Chaminuka being played on Mbira Dza VaDzimu, and a special version on Njari by Phillip Nangle.

The left hand in the first video is most similar to the one in our notation. The second close up video from ShareMbira (check out their channel on Youtube!) starts on the third part of the song (as we have it notated). Watch Linos' high energy version of Chaminuka on Youtube, and read the text below it for more information on the history of the song. 

If anyone has more information about Chaminuka that they would like us to include here, please contact us at Mbira Magic. We are always happy to link back to our contributors.

Read our Nzira Ye Mbira feature on musician and instrument maker, Phillip Nangle. To finish this month's lesson, Phillip plays a fascinating and mysterious variation of Chaminuka on Njari. 

Mbira Magic uses a chord notation system to help you understand song structure and create your own variations, for more information, check out our book Unlocking Mbira.