Fungai Gahadzikwa Mbira Song Book 1 : Summary・Samples・Reviews

Fungai Gahadzikwa Mbira Song Book 1

"An accessible, innovative and important addition to mbira literature". Read on to find out what sets this book apart from other traditional Shona song books, view sample pages and check out reviews from academics, recording artists and enthusiasts around world.

Fungai Gahadzikwa and Andy Fowler.

Fungai Gahadzikwa and Andy Fowler.

All of the songs in this book are presented using the same accessible notation that we use in our free resources (suitable for beginners and advanced players).

A total of 39 variations are included for: Nhemamusasa, Bhuka Tiende, Chipindura, Karigamombe, Bangiza (two styles), Chipembere, Mahororo and Zviroto* (*Fungai's composition in memory of his late father). 

Fungai's preferred entry and transition points, and pulse placements are explained, giving you an insight into how he teaches and performs. A short section presents some practical and very well received pulse exercises.

For advanced players, each of the variations are analysed in later chapters, showcasing a variety of the more complex ideas explored in Unlocking Mbira. These chapters include an introduction to mbira chords and the most popular song structures (and adaptions of these) within traditional Shona mbira music - opening up the possibility of creating your own variations and entirely new compositions on the instrument - a selection of blank tab formats are also included for your convenience.