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Finding an authentic teacher and your own instrument should be your first priority.

There are subtleties within traditional Shona music that can't be conveyed here, and many of the instruments available online will arrive with their own issues. 

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B Michael Williams, music professor at Winthrop University has prepared a useful document for new mbira enthusiasts. 

Getting Started with Mbira dzaVadzimu is available to download for FREE here

Erica Azim of Mbira.Org offers a range of selected instruments, resources and recordings that will help you get a taste of traditional music from Zimbabwe. Also, proceeds from her work go towards supporting Zimbabwean artists. 

Mbira Magic offers FREE books and audio, available to download here. Learn different ways to notate mbira music (includes printable blank tab), traditional and modern songs/variations, composing skills and more. The perfect resources to support your mbira journey. 

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Watch and listen as Chartwell Dutiro introduces the Mbira...

Chartwell is a popular performer and teacher based in the UK.

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A wider range of artists/styles are represented in our Nzira Ye Mbira (Path of Mbira) feature series. If you would like to see a particular personality or group featured at MbiraMagic.Com, please let us know on our contact page.