MbiraMagic.Com is now live!


Finally, our doors are open, and it's time to hear from the world's top mbira figures, access some great mbira resources and share your journey with the international mbira community.

Over the past few months, some of the best mbira musicians, educators and manufacturers from around the world have been in touch (including B Michael Williams, Mbira Spirit, John Falsetto and Phillip Nangle). Read about their mbira journeys, current projects and vision for the future of mbira in our special 'Nzira ye Mbira' (Path Of Mbira) feature series. We've been very lucky, and have a great list of important personalities working on more in-depth features like these, for you to enjoy over the next few months.  

We're very proud to be releasing our first book 'Unlocking Mbira' today, full of exercises, songs and some very unique content. Take a look inside its pages, and take advantage of our tiered 'budget', 'complete' and 'ultimate' price options here

The winner of our T-shirt competition is Berta Grau Pujol. A big CONGRATULATIONS to her and heartfelt thanks to everyone else for taking part! Mbira Magic T-shirts are now available through our store and we're excited to be gifting %100 of profits from their sales in September to Music Crossroads Zimbabwe. This month's competition offers one lucky enthusiast a copy of Chipindura Mbira Trio's 'Pasichigare' album on CD. Chartwell Dutiro, of that group is working with us right now on one of next month's special features.

Our accounts with Facebook and Instagram have picked up an enthusiastic following, seeing lots of likes and shares. By far, our most popular posts have been announcements about our new book our FREE Mbira Tab Pack and our '25 Days Until Launch' countdown (announcing all of the great features on the site). Subscriptions to the Mbira Magic newsletter have also been better than we could have hoped for. Sign up forms are available on most pages of the website so no one has to worry about missing out on our news and special resources. 

Lastly, Mbira Magic is as much yours as it is ours. Find out here about how you can get involved, and we will do our best to help you unlock the magic of and share your mbira journey...