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Whatever stage you are at on your mbira journey, our intention is to provide an equal platform for your voice. Continue reading to find out how you can get involved, and how we are keen for you to surprise us!

Leading mbira personalities..

are working hard to compose special Nzira Ye Mbira (Path of Mbira) features for the community to enjoy. These fascinating, in-depth articles open the doors for you to join your mbira heroes on their unique journeys. Learn about their inspirations and achievements, and enjoy a rich selection of images, videos, audio tracks and useful links. In the next few months, you can expect to hear from Chartwell Dutiro, Martin Scherzinger, Nyamasvisva ne Mawungira eNhariraMatemai, Chengeto Maraiare Brown and many more.

Musicians, writers and Artists...

like John Falsetto, Phillip Nangle and Fungai Gahadzikwa are choosing us as the platform to publish and promote their books. We expect to start releasing these in 2016. Maybe you have some art, recordings, a song book, writing or other mbira project to share? Whatever you've created, or hope to create, we can help you get the exposure you deserve, and want to hear from you

Instrument makers..

from around the world have been in touch, and we will be showcasing their work soon, giving you a range of options when searching for a new instrument. Do you make instruments or accessories that you would like to promote? Maybe there's instruments or accessories that you would like to see included?

Enthusiasts and fans...

are getting in touch to tell us us who and what they want to see on our pages. We're on it! We've also started receiving wonderful photographs to include in our galleries (Mbira Players' Gallery / Mbira Instrument Gallery) and provide links back (giving front page exposure to everyone that wants to participate!). You can also interact with the mbira community, enter competitions and show your support for your mbira heroes by commenting, liking and sharing our articles.

What else...

happens is up to you. Maybe there's something you feel is missing from these pages that you aren't able to contribute? Let us know and we can request it from the community. It's likely that others will feel the same, and you will be voicing a shared concern. Your participation makes us more complete. Get on board and let's share our mbira journeys together!

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